These pages provide supporting material for my textbook Multiple Regression and Beyond: An Introduction to Multiple Regression and Structural Equation Modeling (Second Edition). MR&B2 is intended to offer a conceptually-oriented introduction to multiple regression (MR) and structural equation modeling (SEM), along with analyses that flow naturally from those methods. By focusing on the concepts and purposes of MR and related methods this book introduces material to students more clearly, and in a less threatening way. In addition to illuminating content necessary for coursework, the accessibility of this approach means students are more likely to be able to conduct research using MR or SEM, and are more likely to use the methods wisely.

The text covers both MR and SEM, using MR as starting point for understand SEM.

The SEM portion includes path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, latent variable SEM, analysis of latent means, and latent growth modeling.

Figures and tables throughout provide examples and illustrate key concepts and techniques.

Chapter exercises draw from published research examples, allowing students practice in analyzing relevant and interesting data.

Data sets on this website allow students to conduct all analyses from the chapters and exercises

The second edition of the text was published by Routledge, 2015.

For those familiar with the first edition (published by Allyn & Bacon), the second edition is similar, but with the addition of four new chapters, most in Part 2, focusing on SEM. Here is an outline of the second edition: MRB 2 outline

The data files tab includes all data sets used in the book: Data Files

The site also includes the data from the first edition of the text; see the Data: First Edition tab.