Data Files

Here are all the data sets used in the text, organized by chapter. Also included are computer syntax files, occasionally for Part 1, and consistently for Part 2

The NELS data are used throughout the book and thus have their own zip file. The other data sets are organized by chapter. If there is nothing listed for a chapter that means there are no unique data for it.

All data are stored as zip files. Here is a complete listing of the data sets and other files included in the zipped files: data sets in MR&B2.pdf

And here are the zipped files, by chapter:

NELS data (used throughout the text):

Updated 1/30/16: Data dictionary for the NELS file. This is almost 500 pages long, but it includes all the information about each variable in the NELS data file, including the value labels. In word format. nels data dictionary inc value labels edited.docx

Shorter version of the NELS data (updated 5/9/15): These file include only those NELS variables used in examples and exercises. The word file includes information about the various formats, plus Mplus syntax: n=1000,stud & par shorter 5 9 15

Part I: Multiple Regression
Chapter 1: Simple (bivariate) regression:
Chapter 2: Multiple regression: Introduction:
Chapter 3: Multiple regression: More detail:
Chapter 4: Three and more independent variables:
Chapter 5: Three Types of MR:
Chapter 6: Analysis of categorical variables:
Chapter 7: Categorical & continuous variables:
Chapter 8: Continuous variables: Interactions & curves:
Chapter 9: Multiple regression: Summary, further study, and problems: (updated 6/30/15)
Chapter 10: Related methods: Logistic regression and multilevel modeling:

Part II: Beyond Multiple Regression: Structural Equation Modeling
Chapter 11: Path modeling: Structural equation modeling with measured variables:
Chapter 12: Path analysis: Dangers and assumptions: no unique data files
Chapter 13: Analyzing path models using SEM programs:
Chapter 14: Error: The scourge of research: no unique data files
Chapter 15: Confirmatory factor analysis I:
Chapter 16: Putting it all together: Introduction to latent variable SEM:
Chapter 17: Latent variable models: More advanced topics:
Chapter 18: Latent means in SEM:
Chapter 19: Confirmatory factor analysis II: Invariance and latent means:
Chapter 20: Latent growth models:
Chapter 21: Summary: Path analysis, CFA, SEM, and latent growth models

Appendix A: Data files: See NELS data
Appendices B: Review of basic statistics concepts:
Appendix C: Partial and semipartial correlation: